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(astrology) a circular diagram representing the 12 zodiacal constellations and showing their signs

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The Zodiacs were formed from members of a Crosby school orchestra in 1958.
HISTORY: The Zodiacs name on the Cavern wall; UPBEAT: Ian and the Zodiacs back in the 60s.
So it was on day three of our journey that eager travelers donned red parkas - mandatory gear included as part of the cruise fare - and loaded into Zodiacs for a mini-cruise through the iceberg-shrouded waters of Cuverville Island, located in the general neighborhood of Paradise Harbor.
Zodiacs and icebergs don't mix, however - neither do large ships and icebergs - but a quarter mile distance between the two allows for safety and a sense of a berg's enormity.
Some 9th grade math division gives us the number 400 million--that's the number of people on Earth who share your zodiac sign and, presumably, are on board the exact same suspect space journey that you are on.
Team will launch from Washington Marina and pilot their Zodiacs to the Pentagon to meet with the Honorable Thomas W.
Zodiac of North America works closely with the SEAL community as a defense contractor providing mission-specific boats.
The Missing Sync for Tapwave is an important development that will make it much easier for Mac users to get the most out of their Zodiacs," said Byron Connell, Tapwave's co-founder and senior vice president of marketing.
While many games designed for the Zodiac only include installers for Windows PC users wrapped in a .
Two-person kayaks and motorized Zodiacs onboard the yacht enable guests to get as close to nature as they wish.
And one of the most spectacular experiences is a visit to the Sawyer glaciers in Tracy Arm, where guests traverse the ice flows in Zodiacs to view icebergs and harbor seals just a few feet away.
RICHARDSON, Texas, May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Multi-Award Winning Zodiac Vodka Announces Partnership with Aveniu Brands
According to Tom Benson, CEO of Zodiac Spirits, "We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Aveniu Brands.
DALLAS -- Based on non-partisan research of the fifty-five United States Presidential elections to date and the astrological signs of each winning candidate through the years, ZODIAC Vodka, a luxury potato vodka handcrafted and distilled in Idaho, USA, has concluded that the Leo, Barack Obama, will defeat the Scorpio, Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination, as well as, the Virgo, John McCain in the general election.
ZODIAC researched every major presidential contestant since Washington and Adams in 1789.