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a luminous tract in the sky

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Regulus is located very near the ecliptic--the midline of the zodiacal band of constellations in which the Sun, Moon, and planets are always found.
The zodiacal light, gegenschein, and zodiacal band (S&T: October 2000, page 116) are all visible--the zodiacal light to a striking degree, and the zodiacal band spanning the entire sky.
It refers to an elliptical enhancement and enlargement of the narrow corridor of light known as the zodiacal band, the very dim and narrow glow that follows the ecliptic through the zodiacal constellations.
This extremely dim extension, like the paper tag in a Hershey's chocolate Kiss, is called the zodiacal band.
It was as though the sky was crisscrossed by a network of dim stellar highways: the Milky Way to the east, the gegenschein and zodiacal band to the south, and the comet's tail to the north.
From Tucson, Arizona, "it went right through the gegenschein and zodiacal band and out the southern side