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0 (Gobiesox maeandricus) Eelpout: family Zoarcidae Eelpouts, unidentified 0.
It is likely that members of the families Zoarcidae and Liparidae also exhibit parental care, but this has not been confirmed.
The final hosts of other species of Neophasis are fishes of the families Cottidae, Cyclopteridae, Zoarcidae, and Gadidae (Bray and Gibson, 1991), and a ll of the above-mentioned families of fishes are present in the Mingan Islands (Thomas and Himmelman, 1988).
pacificus, Glyptocephalus zachirus [rex sole], and Lyopsetta exilis [slender sole]), Agonidae, Sebastes saxicola [stripetail rockfish], Zoarcidae [eelpouts], and Sebastolobus spp.
Wolf-eel Anarrhichthys ocellatus Eelpout Zoarcidae Poacher Agonidae Generic group classifications Unidentified rockfish Sebastes spp.