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Ziziphus jujuba (jujube), known as red date or chinese date, is the most cultivated plant all over the world.
The most common species are Acacia jacquemontii, Aristida depressa, Calligonum polygonoides, Cenchrus ciliaris, Cymbopogon jwarancusa, Eleusine flagellifera, Leptadenia spartium, Prosopis cineraria, Suaeda fruticosa, Salvadora oleides, Tamarix articulata, and Ziziphus jujuba.
inermis Ironwood, Desert Olneya tesota T Jujube, Chinese Ziziphus jujuba T Locust Black Robinia pseudoacacia T Idaho Robinia pseudoacacia T 'Idahoensis' Pink flowering Robinia pseudoacacia T 'Decaisneana' Magnolia, Southern Magnolia grandiflora T Mesquite Honey Prosopis glandulosa var.
Huang Qin Tang was composed of four herbs: Scutellaria baicalensis Geori, Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch, Paeonia lactiflora Pall, and Ziziphus jujuba Mill, in which Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch (Licorice, GANCAO) is an important herb and is described as 'the grandfather of herbs' in Chinese medicine (Ody 2000).
Results obtained from this study revealed that generative meristem was very active and their cells were divided continuously, and meristem became massive and protruded which was consistent with the findings of jafari and Niknam [12], in Ziziphus jujuba L.
Similarly, IBA was found to promote root formation in Chinese jujube, Ziziphus jujuba Mill (Zhou and Liu, 2009).
Ensayos bajo condiciones controladas realizados con semillas de otras especies de Ziziphus han mostrado temperaturas optimas de germinacion de 30[grados]C para Ziziphus mauritiana (Murthy y Reddy, 1989; ISTA, 1998) y 25[grados]C para Ziziphus jujuba Mill.