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Expression of dehydrin-like proteins in embryos and seedlings of Zizania palustris and Oryza sativa during dehydration.
O substantivo zizama e uma variante (por ma leitura), com poucas ocorrencias atestadas, de zizania, uma forma latinizada do grego [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], etimo na origem de cizania, que entre nos esta atestada a partir do seculo XVI.
Decay rate and changes of nutrients during the decomposition of Zizania latifolia.
Wild rice Zizania aquatica Southern wild rice Zizaniopsis milacea Blue flag iris Iris spp.
Those shiny, deep, dark brown grains known as wild rice - sometimes referred to as the ``caviar of grains'' - are technically not rice at all, but the seeds of an aquatic grass known as Zizania Aquatica.
Q]uesti inimici della pieta, ministri del diavolo & seminatori di zizania, fanno e usano cosi tutto il contrario, proponendo ne' loro sermoni, temi giocondi e allegri.
Regnant itaque cum illo etiam nunc sancti eius, aliter quidem, quam tunc regnabunt; nec tamen cum illo regnant zizania, quamuis in ecclesia cum tritico crescant.
f) Furthermore, the catechumenate, as Augustine conceived of it, clearly warranted the use of the Lectionary in preference to a standardized curriculum ranging from Adam to Zizania, this latter term apropos an image of the Church as a corpus permixtum.
Just about every plant from Abelia to Zizania is listed in the ultimate gardening reference book - the Royal Horticultural Society's A-Z Encyclopedia Of Garden Plants.
nannyberry Vitis grape Zanthoxylum americanum Miller prickly ash Zizania aquatica L.
Fifty years ago, he writes, the Texas wild rice strain called Zizania texana was common around the San Marcos River near San Antonio.
1987), but did not significantly influence subsequent male floret production in Zizania palustris (Goldman 1991).
It's wild rice, Zizania aquatica, Manitoba's naturally occurring cash crop, and with a carbohydrate content that's superior to wheat, oats or corn, wild rice is growing in popularity every year.
The tribe Oryzeae itself consists of 60-70 species in approximately ten genera arranged in two sister clades: (1) a Leersia-Oryza clade, and (2) a clade including eight genera (Chikusiochloa, Hygroryza, Luziola, Prosphytochloa, Potamophila, Rhynchoryza, Zizania, Zizaniopsis).