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Under the terms of the agreements, DiamondWorks is required to issue to Zizania one million common shares of DiamondWorks.
Fifty years ago, he writes, the Texas wild rice strain called Zizania texana was common around the San Marcos River near San Antonio.
Epidermal features and silica deposition in lemmas and owns of Zizania (Gramineae), American Journal of Botany 68(5): 697-707.
It's wild rice, Zizania aquatica, Manitoba's naturally occurring cash crop, and with a carbohydrate content that's superior to wheat, oats or corn, wild rice is growing in popularity every year.
The tribe Oryzeae itself consists of 60-70 species in approximately ten genera arranged in two sister clades: (1) a Leersia-Oryza clade, and (2) a clade including eight genera (Chikusiochloa, Hygroryza, Luziola, Prosphytochloa, Potamophila, Rhynchoryza, Zizania, Zizaniopsis).
Each nest was teased apart and nest materials were categorized as Phragmites, Zizania, artificial, and other (Table 2).
Habitats examined included the filamentous alga (Rhizoclonium), four native macrophytes (Ludwigia repens, Potamogeton illinoensis, Sagittaria platyphylla, and Zizania texana, which is federally listed as endangered), and the exotic macrophyte Hydrilla verticillata, as described previously (Prescott, 1970; Godfrey and Wooten, 1981; Terrell et al.
Wild Rice Viability and Germination Testing to Compare Southern and Northern Ecotypes of Northern Wild Rice, Zizania Aquatica Var.
Zingiber Sweet officinale Roscoe Zizania caduciflora Hand.
A developmental study of wild rice, Zizania aquatica L.
These include the federally listed endangered or threatened species Zizania texana (Texas wild rice), Eurycea nana (San Marcos salamander), Etheostoma fonticola (fountain darter), and Gambusia georgei (San Marcos gambusia).
Among other early-diverging lineages, a blade on the first true leaf is known to occur only in Pharus, Ehrharta, Streptogyna, and Zizania L.