Zimmer frame

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a light enclosing framework (trade name Zimmer) with rubber castors or wheels and handles

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And at a nearby recycling centre, a scrap metal container was packed with wheelchairs, zimmer frames and crutches.
Acting watch manager Benjamin Walker said: "The 79-year-old man walked with a Zimmer frame and had collapsed behind the door.
THOSE brave souls who venture down Dingleland this season, more in hope than expectation, should go armed with a Zimmer frame, bus pass and a cholecystectomy bag.
HS3 is about building for the future generation, even if I have a Zimmer frame by then.
So look out for a little White haired lady as the Sky Blues are giving her a game she'll be easy to spot on the pitch as she's the one with the Zimmer Frame
Edna Beck, who walks with a Zimmer frame, insulted Muslims, Jews, Germans, Poles and gay people, has made physical threats and run malicious campaigns.
Zimmer criminals POLICE in Germany are hunting thieves who stole the wheels off an elderly woman's Zimmer frame.
Until recently I could only get out and about by using a Zimmer frame and even then somewhat slowly, but as my confidence grew I decided to venture into the city centre for an early Christmas shops trip.
Among the items were discovered were a Zimmer frame, remains of an oven, underwear, a skateboard, a window frame, vinyl records, half a manhole cover, tinsel, washing machine hoses and a hot water bottle.
He was walking with the aid of a blue Zimmer frame, and wearing a green striped T-shirt, blue and black sweatpants and black trainers.
She said the pensioner fell once using his Zimmer frame before hitting his head for a second time on a bin when he got out of bed while reaching for a pillow, a week before he collapsed in his bathroom.
In her latter years, she could not breathe without oxygen or even totter round her beloved garden on her Zimmer frame.
I am getting so excited, I'm having some wheels put on my Zimmer frame.
Every pot has a lid, and if Edna and Simon hadn't met over her zimmer frame and his snazzy jumper, they'd spoil another couple.