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Soviet general who during World Warr II directed the counteroffensive at Stalingrad and relieved Leningrad and captured Berlin (1896-1974)

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It's a decision of the utmost importance for us," the Guardian quoted Zhukov as saying.
Our athletes performed with Russia in their hearts," Zhukov said.
Mr Zhukov said the Olympic committee unanimously voted for the athletes to compete despite the restrictions placed on the national team.
We probably need to organise alternative competitions and render all the necessary support to athletes, who would decide against going to the Olympics (under the neutral status)," Zhukov said addressing debates at the State Duma on Friday.
Zhukov was as short as he was wide, his chest was adorned with a forest of medals, all richly deserved, and he loved his vodka.
Months later, Ike walked into a reception for Red Army Day to find Zhukov and his wife greeting people in the receiving line.
Tour a tour prendront la parole Bach puis Coe, Reedie et Zhukov.
The head of the Institute's department of munitions, mining and demining, Mikhail Zhukov, said that, thanks to the mine's electronic brain, the time of its self-destruction can be remotely set, changed or canceled altogether.
Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov rose from abject poverty to become the most decorated and most successful general officer in Soviet history.
During his visit to the Russian capital, Coe met with Russia's minister of sport Vitaliy Mutko and Russian Olympic Committee president and International Olympic Committee member Alexander Zhukov.
Kazakhstan's Almaty is well-positioned to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, said the International Olympic Committee's evaluation commission chief Alexander Zhukov on Wednesday, according to SBS reports.
The Ukrainian team was greeted by polite applause by the crowd of about 500 people at the Arena Moscow, which included Russian Olympic Committee chief Alexander Zhukov and International Boxing Association president Wu Ching-Kuo.
In the past, much has been written in regards to Soviet General Georgy Zhukov in each of these aspects.
The president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, was also nominated.
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Zhukov has presented Chief Editor of Delovoy Express business weakly