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German inventor who designed and built the first rigid motorized dirigible (1838-1917)

a large rigid dirigible designed to carry passengers or bombs

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So it is little wonder that when, four years later Eva Jamieson witnessed a German Zeppelin airship over her home in Bedlington in Northumberland, it left an impression which lasted a lifetime.
After the rst Zeppelin air raids over England killed and injured several people in King's Lynn and Yarmouth in January 1915, anti-aircraft guns were set up in Keresley and Wyken Grange.
GREAT The exploit of the late Lieutenant Warneford VC, demonstrated an effective method of destroying Zeppelins, and the invention of Mr Sambrook employs a similar method: in as much as it will set fire to a Zeppelin in a position which cannot be detected by the crew.
Younis rode aboard one of the two Zeppelins flying commercially in the world.
The Hindenburg disaster in the US in 1937 showed spectacularly the effects of the gas exploding in a Zeppelin.
As the warning came through of the approaching Zeppelins, John ran to his station at Clifford's Fort to answer the call to colours.
June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- As fireworks shows light the Fourth of July night sky in Los Angeles, the most spectacular views will be enjoyed soaring 1000 feet above the Pacific Coast aboard the Airship Ventures Zeppelin Eureka.
Now a California company is bringing the aircraft back to the United States, with plans to offer aerial tours of the San Francisco Bay area in a newly-built zeppelin.
Germany sent airships with rigid frames - the zeppelins - to bomb London and Paris during World War I.
This latest addition to an ancestry that includes mighty Zeppelin sheds and the famous Goodyear Airdock is no exception.
Some four zeppelins were flown over Lake Constance in the southern German town of Friedrichshafen, watched by survivors of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster as well as former zeppelin mechanics and other people involved with the aircraft or simply enthralled by them.
the airship is one of only two Zeppelins commercially flying in the world today and features the largest logo ever used in Farmers' history.
Bird spoke of seeing the German Zeppelin Hindenburg fly over Boston in May 1937, shortly before its famous and fiery end, and his fascination with Zeppelins ever since.
One of only three Zeppelins in the world, and the first to come to the USA, the airship was off-loaded at the Port of Beaumont and will be flown cross country to its permanent home at historic Moffett Field in Mountain View, California.