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German inventor who designed and built the first rigid motorized dirigible (1838-1917)

a large rigid dirigible designed to carry passengers or bombs

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Bron Yr Aur was used during the 1950s by the family of future-Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant as a holiday home.
The material on Disc One is focused upon the evidence of the band's musical genealogy in their first two albums (Led Zeppelin I and II).
The Zeppelin Eva saw at the age of 13 was probably L9, whose appearance on April 14, 1915, was the first of more than 20 airship raids on the region and the second on Britain.
Led Zeppelin have since sold more than 300 million albums worldwide.
For years Plant refused to acknowledge his mighty Zeppelin musical legacy.
Warren said after first seeing the band: "Hats Off to Led Zeppelin are the closest you are going to get.
California, who died in 1997, wrote the tune for the band's debut album; guitarist Jimmy Page and Zeppelin unveiled 'Stairway' three years later.
WAR Mr Sambrook has been influenced by the opinion of experts, who agree that a Zeppelin when punctured from below can remain afloat owing to the escape of gas being too small to affect the buoyancy, but when the envelope is punctured from above the gas escapes rapidly.
Upon the soaring heights to which Led Zeppelin had taken him, when he had basked in the adulation of millions and felt the heady rush of the band's power pumping through his veins, when there had been nothing to fill the empty spaces in his heart?
com)-- The lineup this year includes music spanning from the discography of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin to the eclectic styling of Elton John to the progressive rock of Rush and everything in between.
Now, continuing to lead the way in sound and design excellence, Bowers & Wilkins bring you the Zeppelin Air, the ultimate wireless speaker system, and the first premium iPod dock to feature new Apple AirPlay(R) wireless streaming technology.
5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is the ultimate AirPlay wireless audio system with completely updated drive units and advanced Digital Signal Processing plus fully integrated AirPlay technology so users can easily stream music wirelessly from iTunes, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
THE UK's only full time professional Led Zeppelin tribute band will be rocking into Theatr Colwyn next month.
Travel Business Review-10 August 2010-Airship Ventures Announces Zeppelin Tour(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.