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an ancient Iranian language


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Zend Framework is clearly the most popular PHP framework for professional use in the industry today and the timing could not have been better--with the availability of Zend Server released earlier this month, users can deploy our enterprise-grade framework and additionally get the performance and reliability of our new web application server," Suraski continued.
Zend Framework is freely available as part of the recently announced Zend Server ( http://www.
It provides an advanced infrastructure for generating and managing Zend Framework applications.
Take your Zend Framework applications to the cloud.
Tagged has been growing exponentially, and Zend has been supporting our growth for over five years.
In testing, we have measured significantly better performance with Zend Server than we were experiencing before," remarked Schleier-Smith.
In addition to new benefits for performance, reliability, simplified deployment, and PHP application management, Zend Server gives customers the advantage of a global ecosystem of commercial and open source developers, systems integrators, and technology partners, including Microsoft and Oracle.
Microsoft and Zend have collaborated for more than three years to make PHP a first-class citizen on Microsoft Windows.