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an ancient Iranian language


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The new Zend Gallery aggregates and organizes all Z-Ray extensions and Zend Server plugins in an easy-to-use gallery interface.
Zend Studio 12 uniquely offers developers a fully working and customizable sample mobile application with source code.
Zend Server provides infrastructure automation through automatic provisioning and configuration control for PHP applications, as well as elastic scaling for cloud-based apps.
8220;Ateles have been using Zend solutions for several years and have shown strong competence and skills in implementing solutions with Zend products.
Zend Encoder safeguards the intellectual copyright of a PHP web site by preventing anyone, else copying it.
The PHP implementation will be available in the widely adopted open source Zend Framework project as a new component, called "Zend Cloud.
The conference, produced and brought to you by Zend, is recognized as the ultimate resource for learning and sharing PHP best practices.
Z-Ray s real-time vision inside PHP requests has been extended to include specific detailed data for several common applications and frameworks including Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Zend Framework, Symfony, and IBM i.
9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PHP 2013 Conference -- Today at the world's leading conference for PHP Developers (ZendCon), Zend announced significant initiatives designed to empower companies to become more agile in their delivery of applications.
Active contributors and vibrant users are the two wings that power zend framework to soar and glide high into the sky.
Our partnership with Zend represents the coming together of two PHP players whose goal is bringing enterprise grade PHP products to the marketplace.
May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Zend, the PHP company, today announced the availability of Zend Server, Zend's integrated PHP application platform and certified PHP stack, as an advanced cloud service on Microsoft Azure through the Azure Marketplace.
The integration with Zend Server, and specifically Z-Ray, provides an unprecedented level of visibility that allows developers to see how their code is running as they develop it.
A3logics intends to offer the industry leading Zend Server platform to its clients.
Customers Benefit from Wide Variety of PHP Applications and the Productivity, Performance, and Low Cost of Ownership of Zend Solution for PHP