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an adherent of the doctrines of Zen Buddhism

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Sevan Ross has headed the Chicago Zen Center in Evanston, Illinois, and now serves the Zen Buddhist community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
They incorporate mindfulness practice and perspectives from Thich Nhat Hanh's Zen Buddhist tradition to support understanding, internalization, and translation of Watson's theory into everyday practice and life.
To see a tension behind this question, consider the work of Dogen, the thirteenth-century Japanese Zen Buddhist.
As a Zen Buddhist practitioner for over twenty years, the experience of space has been key to my meditative development.
It was mostly about being unbound by convention and living in the moment," says Norman Fischer, a Zen Buddhist priest and former co-abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center who raised his kids at Tassajara in the late '70s.
He shared an interest in Japan, having worked as a lecturer there and his expertise in the Zen Buddhist aesthetic influenced Skiold's move towards more minimalist work.
Over several decades, Ichikawa was insistent that Japanese Buddhism acknowledge its support for the war, and he sought to understand the precise relationships between Japanese militarism and Zen Buddhist ideology and practice that made it possible.
The phrase 'monkey mind' is actually a Buddhist term for 'unsettled' or 'restless,'" says Lee, whose background includes both traditional education as well as study with Native American elders and Zen Buddhist monks and nuns.
During his hiatus he became a Zen Buddhist monk at a mountain hideaway near Los Angeles.
They include Japanese actor, writer and director Yoshi Oida, who has worked with British film and theatre director Peter Brook, who will be presenting the only performances in the North West of Interrogations, a piece drawing on 800 year- old Zen Buddhist writings.
Green zeal," writes Kaza, a professor of environmental studies at the University of Vermont and a practicing Zen Buddhist, is "an almost fervent sense of engagement with environmental concerns.
Matthiessen, an American Zen Buddhist, is known for his writing about oppressed peoples.
At a Zen Buddhist temple in southern Japan, even the dog prays.
In 1996, he began five years in seclusion as a Zen buddhist monk only to return to the public spotlight.