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Dutch physicist honored for his research on the influence of magnetism on radiation which showed that light is radiated by the motion of charged particles in an atom (1865-1943)

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Most recently, Zeeman was the chief executive officer of Main Street Renewal, a firm specializing in the acquisition and leasing of single-family properties, where he has served as the chief executive officer since 2014.
Jorgensen J, Bech-Pedersen D, Zeeman P, Sorensen J, Andersen L, Schonberger M (2010) Effect of intensive outpatient physical training on gait performance and cardiovascular health in people with hemiparesis after stroke.
Later in the article, Zeeman is noted to have given an example of how small events led to a much bigger change such as how the Earth moved out of its icy state millions of years ago as follows:
Een van de bevindingen is dat Nederlandse recensenten (Rob Schouten en Michael Zeeman worden bij naam genoemd) "als de naieve Nederlandse lezer [poseren] die met een minieme voorkennis aan het boek begint".
Greg Zeeman, HSBC's chief operating officer for the US, said, 'We love the facilities.
Other topics include molecules with torsional transitions of the exchange type, the meaning of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, non-rigid molecular systems with continuous axial symmetry groups, algebraic models of the global description of the molecular spectrum, and the Zeeman and Stark effects.
In die verwesenliking van hierdie doel is die hulp van die studente van die Dramadepartement van die Universiteit van Pretoria onder leiding van Carel Trichard (en Estelle Zeeman vir Die Spookhuis) ingespan, wat die teks 'terwille van die komiese trefkrag en die opvoerbaarheid' verder aangepas het (p.
This act of recognition is by itself worthy of mention, but is made even more powerful by the fact that Zeeman was leaving the company at the end of the merger and did not have a future in the organization.
2005; Hendriks and Zeeman 2009), acid hydrolysis seemed to be more often used since it could efficiently solubilize the hemicelluloses leading to a better enzymatic hydrolysable substrate (Gregg and Saddler, 1996; Hendriks and Zeeman, 2009).
Sanpete County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Zeeman said around 1,500 people had been evacuated, adding that it was hard to give an exact number because the fire had spread rapidly and the area included permanent residences and part-time dwellings.
This equation consists of magnetic energies, Zeeman energy and the magnetization energy of the reorientation variant as function of the rotation angle.
02, Zeeman Building (Mathematics and Statistics) at the University of Warwick.
Contributors to guideline development: Mohandran Archary (scribe), Tonya Arscott-Mills, Theunis Avenant, Vivienne Black, Raziya Bobat (Co-chair), Ashraf Coovadia (Chair), Mark Cotton (convener), Peter Donald, Angela Dramowski, Ute Feucht, Anneke Hesseling, Prakash Jeena, Leon Levin, Anna Mandalakas, Ben J Marais, Graeme Meintjies, Tammy Meyers, Kimesh Naidoo, Helena Rabie, Gary Reubenson, Paul Roux, H Simon Schaaf, Andrew Steenhof, Helecine Zeeman, Heather Zar.
Zeeman (2006) says that counselors or therapists trained in and applying reality therapy or invitational counseling will usually see positive results and improvement in the quality world, thoughts, actions and lives of their clients.