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inch long mollusk imported accidentally from Europe

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Prior to this detection, the Pacific Northwest remained one of the only regions in North America without invasive quagga and zebra mussels.
Effects of hydrology on unionids (Unionidae) and zebra mussels (Dreissenidae) in a Lake Erie coastal wetland.
Hydrilla and zebra mussels are just two of many invasive species that are problematic in New York.
Planktonic veligers, which are moved by currents and wave action, are the natural means of dispersal for zebra mussels (Stoeckel et al.
This study looked to investigate the potential use of sodium chloride as a disinfectant for adult zebra mussels for recreational watercraft users.
Although Erie perch feed on gobies, smelt, zebra mussels, sand fleas, and snails, nothing works better than emerald shiners.
Then prepare for an alien invasion featuring "killer shrimps" and zebra mussels .
This extensive second edition has a substantially increased scope as compared to the 1993 first edition, which addressed only zebra mussels and was produced not long after their threat was first discovered.
Zebra mussels filter toxins from the water and pass them up the food chain.
Ruddy DUCKS, aquatic plant Crassula and zebra mussels are among other non-native species which could lead to owners or occupiers being hit with new species control orders under new recommendations.
A decade later, however, the North Texas Municipal Water District discovered that boundary erroneously bisected its water pumping station in Lake Texoma, where officials discovered an infestation of havoc-wreaking zebra mussels, which have disrupted underwater food chains across the nation and clogged power and water plants.
The threat of invasive species is starting to get the attention it deserves, partly thanks to zebra mussels, which have been overtaking North American waterways since they were first introduced to the Great Lakes in the late 1980s.
In the case of zebra mussels, for example, Cardiff Harbour Authority is asking fishermen to wash their equipment in disinfectant to help prevent spreading the mussels' larvae.
How about the zebra mussels, fire ants or rhino poachers?