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Este estudo objetivou verificar se a presenca de formigas interfere na abundancia de artropodes herbivoros e predadores sobre plantas de milho, Zea mays L.
La seccion 1 incluye todas las poblaciones de Zea mays subsp.
and Zea mays were found to be dominant in honey samples sold in Izmir which is similar to our results.
Aluminum toxicity and induced nutrient disorders involving the Uptake and transport of P, K, Ca, and Mg in Zea mays L.
5m (6ft 6in by 20ft by 8ft) and will contain plants known to produce large quantities of oxygen, such as miscanthus grass, zea mays maize and banana trees.
Zea Mays blush in natural is made with corn starch powder particles for a smooth finish and has a super smooth texture that makes us feel protected from the cold.
The plant is more correctly known as Zea mays and was first cultivated in Mexico thousands of years ago and has spread to every corner of the planet, becoming the staple diet in many third-world countries.
In October 2006 we detected a much higher volume of fruits in the red deer diet (9%) than in October of the following year (4%, including maize Zea mays grains).
The suspense surrounding the possible dismissal of the three safety clauses banning the cultivation of genetically modified maize, Zea mays L.
From Agaricus bisporus (the cultivated white button mushroom) to Zea mays (sweet corn), and not overlooking more exotic fruits and vegetables, Nunes (food science and human nutrition, U.
Simpson 84 [+ ou -] 0,84 a Lycopersicum esculentum 96 [+ ou -] 0,45 a Raphanus sativus 96 [+ ou -] 0,45 a Zea mays 92 [+ ou -] 0,55 a Concentraçáo do extrato (%) Espécie vegetal 10 Brassica campestris 100 [+ ou -] 0,00 a Brassica oleracea cv.
Metabolism and synthesis of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in Zea mays (levels of IAA during kernel development and the use of in vitro endosperm systems for studying IAA biosynthesis).