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Persian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism (circa 628-551 BC)


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A final set of questions could be raised about Cohen's picture of the Zarathustrian "Hitchcock," disdaining eternal recurrence with nausea and scorn.
As a lover of this mask, Nietzsche adopted a variety of mytho-philosophical personae during the fifteen-year period of his active writing life, beginning with his Dionysian self-personification in his earliest work, the Birth of Tragedy, to his Zarathustrian personification in his last works.
Among the themes considered are Oedipal and Odyssessian dramas, Nietzsche's Shakespeare, musical psycho-dramatics, Nietzsche and Foucault on visual art and culture, and Zarathustrian millenarianism.
Perhaps not all of it is Zarathustrian and godly, but laughter definitely pervades the early scenes of "Wilderness"--much as Faulkner's jokes propel the plot of his novel.
In the former case they serve as the chief weapons in Nietzsche's assault on the regnant tradition--"Platonism" in both its philosophical and popular guises--and in the latter, they are redeployed in an effort to found the new epoch of the Zarathustrian superman.
He is not in favor of the more commonly made identification of Vedic Varuna with the Zarathustrian Ahura Mazda, but rather regards Zarathustra's notion as one derived from an old asura concept, perhaps that of a *Dyaus Asura.