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Persian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism (circa 628-551 BC)


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Zarathushtra is believed to have lived in the Bronze Age in Central Asia, the ancient land known as Airyana Vaeja between 1,700BC and 1,500BC when the Stone Age in Iran gave way to the Bronze Age.
Text and translations of the Gathas are quoted from Humbach, The Gathas of Zarathushtra, pt.
Zarathushtra was the greatest of all the pioneer prophets who showed the path of freedom to men, the freedom of moral choice, the freedom from blind obedience to unmeaning injunctions, freedom from the multiplicity of shrines which draw our worship away from the single-minded chastity of devotion.
Fravahar) is not mentioned in the Gathas of Zarathushtra, but the concept of human's progress and morally and spiritually becoming Godlike is.
Thus Died Zarathushtra is, of course, an answer to Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra.
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The Gathas of Zarathushtra and the Other Old Avestan Texts (2 vols.
Members of the miniscule Parsi community flocked at the Fire Temple to pay respects to their prophet Zarathushtra.
The topics include Xenophon's wicked Persian Tissaphernes, Darius I in Egypt, the philosopher's Zarathushtra, and early European visitors to the ruins of Persepolis.
How Zarathushtra Generated the Gathic Corpus: Inner-textual and Intertextual Composition.