Zamia pumila

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small tough woody zamia of Florida and West Indies and Cuba

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Con este tratamiento, callos de Zamia pumila aumentaron su diferenciacion y su capacidad para organizarse y formar un mayor numero de estructuras (Webb et al.
Callus initiation and organized development from Zamia pumila explants.
Reproduction in the cycad Zamia pumila in a fire-climax habitat: an eight-year study.
seeberi (AF158369), Dermocystidium species (U21336), Dermocystidium salmonis (U21337), Psorospermium haeckelii (U33180), Ichthyophonus hoferi (D14358), Aspergillus fumagatus (M60300), Chytridium confervae (M59758), Mucor racemosus (X54863), Acanthamoeba castellanii (U07413), Zamia pumila (M20017), Porphyra spiralis (L26177), Lagenidium giganteum (X54266), Labyrinthuloides minuta (L27634), Perkinsus marinus (X75762), Sarcocystis muris (M64244).
Some of the species found on Pam's land are extremely rare, such as the Cycadaceae Zamia pumila, a low-growing fern-like coontie plant that serves as food for the Florida atala butterfly caterpillar (Eumaeus atala), which is a candidate for inclusion on the U.
Some analyses have been done on a wide range of cycad species, for instance; Zamia pumila (Walters & Deckers-Walters, 1991), Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi complex (Sharma, Jones, Forster, & Young, 1998), the M.
1990, Reproduction in the cycad Zamia pumila in a fire-climax habitat; an eight-year study.
habitats of Zamia pumila are also fire-maintained communities, in which
induced in Zamia pumila without affecting growth of the apical meristem.