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Zambia is open for business, but Zambian companies must not only expect the South African companies to come and invest, they must also stand up and go to South Africa for business.
This taps into a grievance among some Zambians where despite government policies to promote local labour, Chinese workers are still visible in mines, factories and construction sites.
In the 3:58-minute video, a bragging Agarwal describes his surprise at receiving a VIP welcome to the Zambian Parliament, and ridicules the late Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa for claiming that Vedanta would improve the lives of Zambians, especially those in Chingola and Chililabombwe cities where the mines are located on northern Copperbelt province.
Furthermore, the support of the Ministry of Mines, Water and Energy Development and the presence of the minister himself during the event opening, sends a very positive signal of the willingness of the Zambian government not only to promote the sector and the country, but also to engage with the private sector on key issues within the sector.
The direct flight between Turkey's commercial capital Istanbul and the Zambian capital Lusaka is expected to commence in the first quarter of this year.
As Mukela Muyanda, CEO of ZCCM, said: "Local Content gives Zambians opportunities to participate in mining and other sectors.
Zamtel, an operator that is fully owned by the Zambian government, said that it had launched an LTE service in the city of Kitwe.
As part of the Zambian promotion at the Tourism Expo, one lucky visitor won a trip to this fabulous country.
The service is aimed at Chinese investors working in Zambia, but also Zambians importing goods from China.
UNMIS current chief, Haile Menkerios, recently told the Security Council that he was not satisfied with the performance of the Zambians in the disputed area.
The National Education Campaign Division (NECD) of the DEC reported that the number of Zambians receiving drug treatment rose to 446 in 2010, an almost 100 percent rise over last year.
However, facing widespread corruption and hostility from Zambians reluctant to give up their ivory business, this endeavor often proved daunting and dangerous.
2 million Zambians will need food aid after a drought last year.
Kenis says the taste of unseasoned larvae is none too pleasing, and that even Zambians seem to like their caterpillars best when fried in palm oil and smothered in tomato sauce and onions.
While "Christianity may be the religion of the majority of Zambians," there are "many dedicated Zambians who profess other faiths," they said.
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