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Historic relations between South Africa and Zambia were concretised when the African National Congress (ANC) established its headquarters in Lusaka during our shared struggle for liberation.
Zambia's agricultural sector is exciting for German companies that sell agri and livestock equipment because the country has a stable policy environment," says Martin Botzian, Head of Communication, DLG International GmbH, organisers of the German pavilion at Agritech Expo Zambia.
Government sources said President Kabila was in Zambia to discuss the "matter of controversial elections in the DR Congo and refugees who have been trekking to Zambia following instability in bordering towns.
Andrew Alli, CEO of AFC, commented on the announcement, "We are excited to welcome Zambia as the first Southern African member country of AFC.
UBA Zambia Managing Director Stanley Ugwuenze told Times of Zambia that he bank had provided over 15,000 prepaid cards to the Zambia National Farmers Union and 100,000 to other farmers under the e-voucher system for accessing farming inputs.
The Zambia Country Risk Report by Business Monitor International (BMI) includes three major sections: Economic Outlook , Political Outlook and Business Environment .
Another disparity in value for Zambia currently comes from its currency, the kwacha, continuing to slip against the dollar, with inevitable consequences for employees' spending powers and businesses' revenues.
We congratulate the government and people of Zambia led by President Edgar Lungu, on the occasion of its Independence Day.
We will continue to invest in Zambia so that we can provide operators, ISPs, homes and businesses of all sizes with the fastest and most reliable broadband available in Zambia.
So wrote Yang Youming, China's Ambassador to Zambia, in the Times of Zambia on 24 October 2014, the 50th anniversary of both Zambian independence and Chinese-Zambian diplomatic relations.
Zambia has witnessed a surge in illegal immigrants, especially from Ethiopia and Somalia.
He said both of the countries are ready to sign the agreement but they waiting for procedures in Zambia to be completed.
Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao was due here Wednesday for an official visit during which he is expected to sign eight agreements on Chinese grants and loans to Zambia.
Zambia is a landlocked country with a total area of 752,614 [km.
More information about Zambia is available on the Zambia Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
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