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Zambia and Botswana agreed to shift the alignment of the bridge upstream along the Zambezi River to avoid traversing the area that had been the subject of an unresolved border dispute between Botswana and Zimbabwe," says Botswana works and transport minister Johnnie Swartz.
The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase the capacity of Mozambique to prepare for and manage flood events in the Limpopo and Zambezi River basins.
The ability to readily transverse the Zambezi River is crucial to Southern African trade.
The objective of this component is to provide the necessary support to assist the Zambezi River Authority in securing the long-term safety and reliability of the Kariba Dam Hydro-Electric Scheme.
The Spice Girl nearly died when she and comic Jack Dee capsized while paddling in a stretch of the Zambezi river infested with crocs and hippos.
On safari: African Travel offers 12-day Southern Highlights tours that include visits to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg, Sandton, Kruger National Park and a cruise down the Zambezi River.
5m AMSL the Zambezi River Authority will not be able to generate any further power.
The Lupata Hydroelectric Dam on the Zambezi River was the single largest investment, originating in Mauritius, at a cost of US$1.
But Radio 1 DJ Greg James got a tad carried away when packing for his BT Red Nose Challenge: Hell and High Water on Africa's choppy Zambezi river.
Price includes: Flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg and returning from Cape Town, return airport to hotel transfers, eight nights at excellent quality hand-picked 3 and 4-star hotels, daily breakfast and five meals, flights between South Africa and Zambia, walking tour of Victoria Falls, Sunset Zambezi River Cruise, game drive and boat safari in Chobe, full day guided tours of Cape Point and the Winelands.
Chiefdoms along the Zambezi River are on the warpath against mining companies that they say are posing an "unparalleled and imminent" threat to the river region's ecology.
Kariba was our jumping-off point for explorations of the wildlife-rich lands around manmade Lake Kariba, an inland sea created when the Zambezi River was dammed in 1958.
It was reported that electricity supplies to households and industries will plunge by 400 megawatts (MW) after the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) reduced water allocation for power generation at the Kariba Dam by nearly 30 percent.
SSRPC is investing $350 million to transform an approximately 350-kilometer-long narrow and unpaved carriageway into a modern road that crosses the Tete province and ends at the Zambezi River, where Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe have a common border.
The historic transfer at the village of Songo on the Zambezi River dam site in Tete province was made in November 2007 by Portuguese Finance Minister Teixeira dos Santos to Mozambican President Armando Guebuza, witnessed by four African heads of state.