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the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship

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Zakaat House, a non-governmental organization in Kuwait, accepted the CIOG's proposal to fund the "Masjid al Kuwait.
5% of their annual savings in cash, and in certain mentionable commodities as Zakaat, yet they were expected to give away everything beyond their immediate requirement i.
During the Holy Month of Ramadan and the season for Zakaat, may I, on behalf of The Dhaka Project appeal to your generosity to help the 700 children under our care and attention.
Zakaat, which is just one form of obligatory charity and collected by the Muslim State and used for welfare purposes, is amongst the five pillars of Islam.
The primary responsibility of the Religious Affairs Ministry is to organize participation in the Hajj and other Muslim religious pilgrimages and to distribute zakaat.
The book begins with a collection of sermons, each explicating one of the foundations of Islam--shahadah (declaration of faith), tauheed (the Oneness and uniqueness of God), salaat (prayer and worship), zakaat (the redemptive value of charity) and saum (purification by fasting and abstinence)--and the expression of them in the hajj, or prescribed pilgrimage.
This is best exemplified when Islam orders Muslims to pay charity or Zakaat ("poor due") and at the same time it cautions man against his human instinct of cherishing money to the point of getting enslaved to it.
Hussain has revealed that the international terror outfit would collect animal skins, Zakaat, Fitra and donation from Defence neighborhood of the city.
Terming Zakaat as religious responsibility, the prime minister said Zakaat is a pious duty and there is a verdict of the Supreme Court regarding Zakat payment.
Degree College for Boys Hafizabad were awarded cheques of Rs4500 each as educational scholarship by the Chairman District Zakaat and Ushr Committee Rana Muhammad Saleem Shakir and former Federal Parliamentary Secretary Ch.
First Lady said that the meaning of Islam is to accept the will of Allah Almighty adding that the purpose of other fundamentals including Fasting, Zakaat and Hajj is also to promote such feelings.
The meeting discussed applications against Revenue, Education, Police, Agriculture Extension, Highways, Director College, TMAs, Zakaat and Ushr, Food and other departments.
JI Ameer said that he doesnAAE'A-Aa[euro]sIAa[euro]sA1/2t recognize any taxes including General Sales Tax (GST) except Zakaat.
Meanwhile, Malik Nadeem Kamran Provincial Minister for Zakaat and Ushr and Chairman Cabinet Committee Monday visited here and chaired the meeting to review the arrangements made by the administration to contain the situation in case of high flood.