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In the 1980s, significant deposits of high-quality diamonds were discovered in northern Angola, bur civil war meant that large amounts of artisanal extraction took place (De Boeck 1999; Monnier, Jewsiewicki and de Villiers 2001; Mbiki 2008), (17) in which a massive influx of Zairians from across the border participated.
Many Zairians initially rallied around Mobutu against what they believed to be a Tutsi invasion.
Based in the Zairian capital of Kinshasa, Robertson's for-profit company, African Development Co.
There was widespread speculation among diplomats and Zairians here Wednesday that the real purpose of the regional gathering of conservative presidential peers of Mobutu's in Gabon was to gently pressure the Zairian leader to abandon power and enter a hospital.
Editorialists are cranking out tired old nostrums about the threat of "chaos" and the "need for dialogue" to end the current rebellion against Zairian dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.
And epidemics of cholera and other diseases among the refugees have killed many Zairians.
According to Kalala, Zairians usually do not consider the United States as a place of exile.
Thousands of Zairians heeded the warning and queued up for the 20-minute ferry ride home across the Congo River.
We care," the diplomats seemed to be saying, "that Zairians not be forced to suffer again the internecine warfare that accompanied the birth of their nation.
1] With "the full support of the Zairian Ethics Committee," the investigators also immunized "a small group of Zairians, all of whom were HIV-seronegative volunteers and immunologically normal.
The invitation state that Zairians suffer greatly and needlessly from many preventable or easily treatable diseases, due partly to a simple lack of primary health care services.
Already the capital's leading hotels have been filling up with wealthy Zairians who are worried about a possible repeat of violent bouts of pillaging by government soldiers in 1991 and 1993 that took numerous lives and left much of the city in ruins.
John Metzel, a missionary who worked in the country, asserts that as many as 250 Zairians were massacred by government troops during a peaceful protest rally on Feb.
2 million Rwanda refugees are now at Goma and in north Kivu, a region normally populated by Zairians.