Zaire River

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a major African river (one of the world's longest)

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In northern Angola, small Portuguese firms had established themselves especially along the banks of the lower Zaire River, where many sheltered inlets offered opportunities to carry out a small trade in vegetable oils; but the rubber trade was concentrated on the coast (though later in Noki) and required stocks that small firms could usually not afford.
By contrast, Congo (with a C) denotes the Zaire River as well as the larger region surrounding it.
In these expeditions Blashford-Snell played a leading role, and was then asked to organise first the Darien Gap Expedition and then the Zaire River Exploration in 1974.
According to Cann, the most successful Portuguese "brown water" naval operation was the securing of the Zaire River, Angola's northern border with the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo, in the early 1960s, which blocked the infiltration of National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) insurgents into the territory.
Even tougher assignments followed: the first vehicle crossing of Panama's Darien Gap, in 1971-72, and then, in 1974-75, on the centenary of Henry Morton Stanley's trans-African expedition, he oversaw a 160-strong international team's scientific exploration of the 4,370-kilometre Zaire River.
Belgian, French and British soldiers have set up camp in Brazzaville, Congo, across the Zaire River from the Zairian capital of Kinshasa, in case Westerners have to be evacuated.
The most common in Risangani are the tolekas, (taxi-bikes) and the djubudjubus (dug-out canoe taxis) whose traffic has increased sizably on the Zaire river.
Zaire's elite are fleeing the country in droves - though some business people are hedging their bets by moving across the broad and sweltering Zaire River to Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo, where they still conduct business in Kinshasa by cellular telephone.
Projects include dredging the Zaire river between Matadi and the ocean; reconstruction and maintenance of main roads, upgrading the railway network and providing a regular fuel supply to ships, trains and trucks.
After a burst of fighting Friday night and Saturday at Kisangani, the country's third-largest city, Mobutu's poorly paid army looted the city of 300,000 and fled with panicked residents across the Zaire River, aid workers said.
Government troops that did not rally to the rebel side pillaged Kisangani before fleeing across the Zaire River and heading into the northern hinterlands, according to Western diplomats.
Kisangani, on the Zaire River, is one of the largest cities in the central African country and has an international airport, which has served as the army's local headquarters.