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12th President of the United States

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Famous American clown Dan Rice supported his friend Zachary Taylor in his bid for the presidency.
From clay pipes to an 1 848 Zachary Taylor presidential campaign button, the findings from the Stony Creek site reveal the history of the extended Taylor family, who established and lived in the village for five generations.
Textiles from a whole-cloth comforter from the Winedale Quilt Collection of the Briscoe Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin and a similarly patterned whole-cloth chintz quilt at Winterthur Museum commemorate this early American victory of the war and celebrate the exploits of Mexican War heroes such as General Zachary Taylor.
Although the Whigs prevailed at the polls under the banner of the military hero Zachary Taylor, many historians have seen the three-way election of 1848 as a key moment in the impending triumph of sectionalism over partisan loyalties, which culminated in civil war.
Attending groomsmen were Doug James, Zachary Taylor, Chase Carmody, Quint Hunt, Andrew Little, and Patrick James.
And the president with the most experience as a general, Zachary Taylor, was one of the nation's worst chief executives.
The latest is a webcam installed at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park beach in Key West.
Rangers at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park found about 20 tar balls scattered along the shoreline, leading to speculation that the spilled oil may have entered the powerful Loop Current around the Florida Peninsula.
Lincoln was offered, and declined, Oregon's territorial governorship during the administration of Zachary Taylor.
Henshaw on the other hand was present at almost every major event from start to finish serving under the war's two principal generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott.
Team Hell Hounds, HHC, USAIC, Fort Huachuca, Arizona from left to right: SPC Zachary Taylor, SSG Charles Dybo, SFC David Schreiner, SGT Austin Thomas, and SSG RJ Niesen.
Brocket Man was only called up because skipper Michael Vaughan, attempting to sweep 19-year-old net bowler Zachary Taylor in practice, collapsed in a heap with a twisted right knee, forcing England to send for reinforcements.
It's all about "Liz Taylor," local speak for Fort Zachary Taylor Beach; the moniker alone proves the positive permeation of pink-think on the place.
Las dramaticas recreaciones a todo color de las batallas clave de la guerra se basan en notas y memorias de los combatientes de ambos lados: Zachary Taylor, Winfield Scott, el legendario general mexicano Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, y muchos otos.
William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Milllard Fillmore