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a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria


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The third key element of the Sayawa narrative is the long drawn-out claim for a Zaar chiefdom.
Zaar, Miriam (2000), "O processo migratorio no extremo oeste do estado do Parana/ Brasil com a construyo da Hidreletrica Binacional Itaipu", Revista Electronica de Geografia y Ciencias Sociales, num.
El-Shark's art portrays the life, culture and history of Upper Egypt, including daily activities, Saeedi weddings, zaar and henna parties, Pharaonic life and more.
But the zaar scenes [depicting Youssra undergoing a ritual exorcism], or scenes of devilish Adel Imam flying, surrounded by fire -- are really terrifying, in some peoples' minds.
Jalil Aali, Akhtar Usman, Mohammad Izharul Haq, Uksi Mufti, Haris Khaleeq, Mehboob Zaar, Ayesha Masood Malik, Qaisra Alvi, Hamaira Ishfaq, Ali Yasir, Hasan Abbas Raza, Parveen Tahir, Tahira Abdullah and others.
According to the district, Aria Muhallah, Nadeem Colony and Javed Colony in the City area and Chaman Zaar, Dhook Chirag Deen and Dhook Illahi Baksh in Cantonment have been decalred vulnerable for floods.
2500 to each successful trainees at the Sanat Zaar on Tuesday, the DCO Muhammad Usman said that in the present days of dearness the women should get training in different skills to earn more and supplement the household expenses.
She also used name of Rehmat Bibi and used to commit crime in Nawab Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Sabza Zaar, Gulshan-e-Ravi and Rehmat Colony etc.
According to details, in Sabza Zaar area the basement of an under-construction building near Liaqat Chowk was home of a labourer Manzoor who was living in the basement of the building with his family.
Over 100 artisans displayed their handicrafts in the exhibition which was organized at Sanat Zaar building in collaboration with 'Sahara' a women development organization.
Addressing a seminar at Sanat Zaar here on Monday, she said that first time in the history of Pakistan, the Punjab government introduced women development department for the welfare of women.