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We have not tightened rating linkages between YEIG and Yunnan province due to a limited record of expansion or strong tangible support from the province to support YEIG's investments in these roles.
Yunnan province hosted China south Asia Expo in Kathmandu in November in which 30 Yunnan companies had participated and introduced their products to Nepal.
Beijing [China], June 18 ( ANI ): At least 20 passengers were injured after turbulence in a China Eastern plane during flight from Paris to Kunming in Yunnan province on Sunday.
The Commerce Minister invited the Governor to lead a business delegation to Pakistan to take the momentum forward in further strengthening Pakistan's commercial and economic ties with Yunnan Province.
2) Educational and Scientific Institute, Educational Department of Yunnan Province, Kunming 650223, China
The 13th Routes Asia is set to open in Kunming, capital city of the Yunnan Province of China.
The Chinese delegation representing hydropower, engineering, construction, roads and bridges and export credit insurance had a meeting with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry where the Deputy Director General, Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province Mr.
Currently, travellers flying to Yunnan can take flights from Kolkata," says Xiao Zhiwen, director, Bureau of Civil Aviation Development and Management of the People's Government of Yunnan Province.
Yunnan Province also has a 4,060 km border with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, which are countries to which rabies is endemic (Figure 1).
5 million yen) to support earthquake relief efforts in Yunnan Province in China on August 3rd.
Islamabad -- Former President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed profound grief over the loss of innocent lives and damage to property in earthquake in Yunnan province of China.
5, hit Chinese Yunnan province, Xinhua reported on Sunday.
Meanwhile, China's Yunnan Province called for newer avenues of trade with South Asia-including in energy.
1-magnitude earthquake which hit Yunnan province in southwest China.
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to China Nurlan Ermekbayev paid working trip to Yunnan province in China where he met with local administration, the press service of the Embassy reported.