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a group of language of the Hokan family in Arizona and California and Mexico

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La propuesta incluye siete subareas de agricultores oasisamericanos; la septima, de los River Yumans, comprende a las comunidades del bajo delta del Colorado.
His manager Bernie Yuman said yesterday: "We are all traumatised, but Roy is very strong-willed.
Bernie Yuman, Siegfried & Roy's manager, said: "The last place Roy would place blame would be with the animal.
This paper focuses on the construction of social networks and ethnicity among the Yuman indigenous people of Baja California, Mexico.
The gold mine and its related roads and powerlines would block physical and spiritual travel through Indian Pass, including journeys on the Trail of Dreams, pathway to Avikwaame, the mountain where the ancient Yuman people originated.
Executive producers, Lou Gonda, Jon Ein, Robert Greenhut, Bernie Yuman.
Francisco Escobar Blas, Carlos Castillo Aguilar, Jose Luis Yuman Tul, Nery Dubon Garcia, Eduviges Funes, and Hipolito Sanchez.
The Puebloan mythologies have stricter links with Mesoamerica than the Yuman and the Southern Athapascan ones (fig.
Before Ewing and Robin discovered their summer-solstice alignment and its narrow viewing corridor, they saw summer-solstice fire kindled on a petroglyph that closely resembles the brush houses built by other Yuman tribes - the adjacent Kiliwa and the Tipai of Southern California.
Or perhaps success can be measured by AOF graduate Yuman Chan, who at age five arrived penniless with his family from mainland China, and following graduation from Boston University last year, landed an analyst position at American International Group in New York.
The settlement is named for the various Yuman tribes who fished the river and hunted in the surrounding desert.
director of the Goshen Cancer Institute Hepatic Oncology Program at Goshen Health System, and Yuman Fong, M.
Cho, MD, James Park, Yuman Fong, Hepatic Resection(23), Section 5 Gastrointestinal Tract and Abdomen
The Yuman language Jamul Tiipay provides an example for hierarchical alignment in ditransitives (cf.
And we won it because there were no elf 'n' safety zealots aboard the landing craft, no thought of cutting costs as the boys hit the beaches, no yuman rights act.