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large log traditionally burned at Christmas

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Yule Log also will run online throughout the season at http://go.
No matter how you celebrate holiday traditions, take a moment this Christmas to appreciate how the symbolism of the fireplace, yule log, and chimney folk lore are central to your family.
Maya Al Bakry, 10, from Sr, said: "The Yule log is huge and very Christmassy.
At least a dozen pastry chefs from all Elite Properties joined hands to prepare the 250kg Yule Log that stretches on 25 tables.
It will examine how the ancient festival has been absorbed into contemporary Christmas celebrations "Sadly, in the 21st Century, Christmas is more like a mass exercise in commercialism, but this festival takes Christmas back to its roots with visitors discovering the ancient symbolism associated with dressing their trees, why we have holly wreaths, and the magic associated with mistletoe," said Bede's World's deputy director Pearl Saddington "Throughout the weekend we will be celebrating Yule traditions such as the bringing home of the Yule log and the decorating of the tree, as well as sharing tales round a Yule log fire in the site's Anglo-Saxon Thirlings Hall.
Take parchment, tightly rolling up Yule log to form spiral shape.
Traditionally the yule log symbolised security and good luck for the forthcoming year.
CHRISTMAS LOG Yuletide is a term derived from the yule log, a huge log used as the foundation of the holiday fires.
Linger with delightful characters from The Nutcracker Ballet before the warmth of a yule log and sip apple cider and munch on roasted chestnuts and gingerbread cookies.
Green has looked into the history of many of the elements of the traditional Christmas--holly and ivy, mistletoe, Santa's red coat, the three kings, reindeer, the Yule log, brussels sprouts, and why we shorten the word to Xmas, among others--and relates his findings, with many quotes and songs from original sources, in this charming book.
Mr Simpson from Northumberland asked last week: "Where does the tradition for a yule log come from?
A slice or two of panettone, Italian yeast cake with dried fruit, gets a festive lift with spicy berries and clotted cream, making a beautifully indulgent mid-afternoon treat and Gareth's snowy yule log recipe is simple to follow and lets the cook's imagination take over when it comes to decoration.
Its very realness is one of the epiphanies of the national yule log.
Baskin-Robbins, for example, has launched eight new seasonal cakes and flavors available through the end of December 2007 including Candy Lane Cottage Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Yule Log Roll Cake, Winter Fudge Chocolate Cake, Eggnog ice cream, Peppermint ice cream, Peppermint Brownie Sundae, and Peppermint Shake.