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But Cove made it 3-1 when Watt's cross was knocked in by Yule before sub Milne volleyed home in 82 minutes.
Mischievous by nature, each with their own personality, the Yule Lads are creatures that venture from their hiding spot only 13 days a year, just before Christmas.
As you go through life and you meet more people in staffing, you ask them how they got into it," Yule says.
Yule analyzed the mysterious, robed figure, who is barefoot, which is typical of Coptic saints and is holding a bundle of twigs, a symbol of peace, in his left hand.
Families and children will also be able to participate in the record-breaking event during the hotel's Christmas brunch by decorating the gigantic Yule Log.
It will examine how the ancient festival has been absorbed into contemporary Christmas celebrations "Sadly, in the 21st Century, Christmas is more like a mass exercise in commercialism, but this festival takes Christmas back to its roots with visitors discovering the ancient symbolism associated with dressing their trees, why we have holly wreaths, and the magic associated with mistletoe," said Bede's World's deputy director Pearl Saddington "Throughout the weekend we will be celebrating Yule traditions such as the bringing home of the Yule log and the decorating of the tree, as well as sharing tales round a Yule log fire in the site's Anglo-Saxon Thirlings Hall.
The city's festive celebrations will commence on the first Sunday in December with the lighting of the Christmas tree and a visit from the thirteen Yule Lads; Iceland's answer to Santa Claus.
But over the last hundred years, the Yule Lads have mellowed, cutting ties with their vicious mother and father.
Yule said she was surprised that their follow-up study did not reveal the same overall associations with substance use disorder exposure cited in the original study.
Formerly CEO of Dominion Gas, where he led the company through an MBO in 2007 and two follow-on acquisitions, Yule will join co-owners Robbie Gray and Martin McKenzie as a shareholder in Romar International.
Mr Yule said said: "Shakespeare Putsman has a strong and growing construction team and I lookforward to joining them.
Yule sets out to present a comprehensive picture of the kingdom of Himyar, utilizing historical as well as archaeological information.
The celebration was also known as Yule by the Celts, who believed that the sun stood still for 12 days in mid winter, so they burnt a Yule log to conquer the darkness and banish evil spirits.
Terry Titter's Yule Log promises to unleash a host of new reflections on Christmas cheer with a bit of bad ventriloquism thrown in for good measure.
Christine Yule, Durham Business Club's development director, said: "I look forward to welcoming representatives from all types of businesses in the area for what promises to be a fantastic day out, great for a thoroughly deserving charity and a good business networking opportunity".