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s (2003) Birds of the Yukon Territory, or Youngman's (1975) Mammals of the Yukon Territory.
As of June 29, CDC has received reports of 428 cases of acute respiratory infection (ARI) among tourists who traveled to Alaska and the Yukon Territory from May 22 through June 28 on seven separate week-long cruises.
Section one deals with economic relations; section two concerns the nature of social contact and section three is titled "Church, State, and the Native people in the Yukon Territory.
Earlier in our journey, when we first crossed from British Columbia into Yukon Territory, we didn't want to miss - heck, you can't miss - the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake.
On August 6, active prospective surveillance was implemented for acute respiratory illnesses (ARI), including influenza-like illness (ILI) and associated pneumonia, in 12 hospitals and clinics in Alaska and the Yukon Territory, a clinic in Seattle and a hospital in Vancouver, and 17 commercial cruise ships touring the region.
Select Reservations: We saved ourselves a lot of trouble by working with Jean Ouderkirk, of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, who owns a road trip travel agency, Select Reservations.
In several respects, this rock--fragments of which a resident of the southern Yukon Territory recovered just a few days later--represents a rare find.
Since July 26, CDC and Health Canada, In cooperation with local public health authorities, have been investigating reports of febrile respiratory illness and associated pneumonia among persons traveling on land and sea, both independently and on tour packages, in Alaska and the Yukon Territory.
Klondike Star Mineral Corporation is an established exploration and development company actively working on seven major properties in the Yukon Territory, Canada.
You'll learn that this was the port where an estimated 100,000 fortune- seekers piled off steamships to begin their arduous, uphill trek to the gold fields of Canada's Yukon Territory.
In 1991, Canada banned angling at the seemingly pristine Lake Laberge in its Yukon Territory, citing dangerous concentrations of the banned pesticide toxaphene in the lake's fish.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - A science research version of the U-2 spy plane flew from Edwards Air Force Base to Canada's Yukon Territory to collect atmospheric samples from the explosion of a giant meteor.
Farther to the north, there have alsobeen questions about the age of four bone tools recovered along the Old Crow River in the Yukon Territory.
A 14-day Artic Gold Rush tour offered by Maupintour begins in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, where prospectors started their trek to the gold fields and takes in Dawson City, Eagle Plains and Inuvik, as well as a bison sanctuary and an Eskimo village.
During the late 1800s, whalers almost drove the animals to extinction, and now some people are concerned that the bowheads may be threatened by the offshore oil industry's expansion into Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska and the Yukon Territory, where these whales summer.
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