Yukon River

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a North American river that flows westward from the Yukon Territory through central Alaska to the Bering Sea

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For example, the mean July air temperature at the Klondike River is the same as at the Yukon River and higher than at the Liard River, even though the Klondike River station is at a higher latitude.
I had the opportunity to travel on the Yukon River this summer with the Lt.
The process begins with days of travel by boat on the Tanana and Yukon rivers, camping out in whatever conditions the country may throw at you (mosquitoes, cold and rough, log-clogged water), hunting for places where erosion has exposed roots suitable for the artistic medium.
He and a rotating cast of biologists have kept that schedule ever since, floating a 165-mile stretch of the Yukon River to survey peregrine falcons and hatchlings.
It was not the easy run that a lot of people had anticipated for the Yukon River.
The Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council: Innovations In Governance
Based on what we know about the geology along the Yukon River, the rocks exposed downriver from Ruby suggested they might be a good place to find dinosaurs.
The troops from Colchester-based 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, including soldiers injured on operations in Afghanistan, are competing in the four-day canoe race down the Yukon River.
Responders said most residents of Galena were evacuated after a 30-mile (48-kilometer) ice jam on the Yukon River caused rapid flooding in the community of almost 500.
The Iditarod National Historical Trail runs across two mountain ranges, over the Yukon River, and along 150 miles of Norton Sound coastline.
Bob and a friend bought the canoe on the internet in August and took it (by plane) to Whitehorse, from where they travelled by truck to the Yukon River to begin their epic journey to the Arctic Circle.
At the mouth of the Alaskan Yukon River, the Yupik Eskimo families fish for the salmon that has swum up to 2,000 miles.
Rare earth minerals company Green Technology Solutions (OTC Markets:GTSO) stated on Monday that its new joint venture partner Diamond V Associates (DVA) has identified tungsten resources for potential excavation near Alaska's Yukon River .
The following year he returned with a film about a 700km canoe race down Canada's Yukon River.
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