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His initial findings were not encouraging; old ethnic animosities and new political differences deeply divided the two primary Yugoslavian
A Serbian military officer named Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic led disparate elements of varying loyalty to the Yugoslavian monarchy-in-exile called Chetniks.
With British facilitation, Donovan had visited Belgrade in January of 1941 and communicated to both the Yugoslavian government and its armed forces that the United States was ready to support resistance to German aggression.
The changes that appeared after the World War I constituted subjects for the analysis of the Romanian and Yugoslavian military experts and, in the period 1918 and 1919, there were no contacts between the two General Staffs because of the "Banat issue".
According to the opinion on the Romanian and Yugoslavian military experts and the political figures from the two states, the necessity of several bilateral treaties and military conventions with the great powers and their neighbours, of zonal organizations, constituted a priority of the diplomacy.
He also provides ample coverage of the tangled military situation in the Balkan theater of operations in World War II and how both German and Yugoslavian forces overpowered the Italians.
As Petacco recounts, Yugoslavian partisans with methodical determination sought to exterminate all Italians, Fascist or not, who opposed designs of annexation.
It was paramilitary units like Marshall Tito's that resisted the Nazis and, after the end of the war, the Yugoslavians under Tito steered a uniquely independent course between the West and the Warsaw Pact countries.
You've undoubtedly seen the Mitchell's Mausers ads for stunning, unissued M48 Yugoslavian Mauser rifles.
During the FBI's investigation of the Yugoslavian, Albanian, Croatian, and Serbian (YACS) commercial safe burglar groups, (1) investigators discovered a specialized theft crime problem perpetrated by some of these offenders.
Investigators noted that the persons caught passing the cards were primarily of Yugoslavian or Albanian descent.
According to the agreement, YAT will transport its passengers by car from the Yugoslavian capital of Belgrade to the Romanian city of Timisoara, where TAROM will fly the passengers to destinations in the USA and Europe, including New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and London according to the Adevarul newspaper.
I was surprised we came away with such a good lead from the first leg, given Yugoslavian teams are always so adept technically.
The Yugoslavian army claimed that one of the Canadians in the group was carrying explosives and fuses.