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Synonyms for Yugoslavian

of or relating to or characteristic of the former country of Yugoslavia or its people or languages


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Records confirmed that he had entered Dubai using the forged Yugoslavian passport and identity.
According to the opinion on the Romanian and Yugoslavian military experts and the political figures from the two states, the necessity of several bilateral treaties and military conventions with the great powers and their neighbours, of zonal organizations, constituted a priority of the diplomacy.
His initial findings were not encouraging; old ethnic animosities and new political differences deeply divided the two primary Yugoslavian
The resistance started small: hiding food stuffs, collecting weapons, and gathering intelligence to pass on to the British and Yugoslavian government in exile.
The Yugoslavian Model 24 is based on the FN Model 1924 short rifle.
After publishing the dossiers of few Albanian functionaries, in which they are accused of collaborating with the secret Yugoslavian services, BDI and PDSH worsened the rhetoric to a boiling point.
When they arrived at the Yugoslavian borders they were checked and vetted and their bikes were taken off them and searched.
Of which former Yugoslavian republic is Zagreb the capital?
The lineup includes psychedelic Yugoslavian animation, Simon Hook's Knit Your Own Karma, work from Cast Off and straight8, a Lego knitting machine and - inevitably - a couple of Michel Gondry videos.
Roza is Yugoslavian, recently moved to London and even though only in her twenties, has lived a life filled of danger, misadventure, romance and tragedy.
Halilovic is desperate for a repeat of his last visit to Scotland - when he was part of the Yugoslavian Radnicki Nis team that dumped Dundee United out of the UEFA Cup 25 years ago.
First, the Italian government, trying to set itself aright in the dopoguerra, had insufficient political clout to gain international assistance that could have curtailed Yugoslavian aggression.
Referee Mendy Rudolph, Yugoslavian coach Mirko Novosel, Spanish coach Pedro Ferrandiz and former U.
Elsewhere in the world the Yugoslavian federation was on the point of break-up, and shelling of some cities by the Croatians and the Yugoslavian army had already started, killing many.
Although he was a veteran of the Yugoslavian army, he knew he might be drafted again.