Yucca glauca

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yucca of west central United States having a clump of basal grasslike leaves and a central stalk with a terminal raceme of small whitish flowers


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Succulents and semi-succulents such as Opuntia species and Yucca glauca were assigned to the forb category.
Bouteloua gracilis (19% cover), Carex filifolia (15% cover), Buchloe dactyloides (5% cover), Sporobolus cryptandrus (5% cover), and Stipa comata (5% cover) were the dominant graminoids across the site, while Yucca glauca (1% cover) and Artemisia frigida (1% cover) dominated the forbs.
Factors affecting the balance of co-operation and conflict between the yucca moth, Tegeticula yuccasella and its mutualist, Yucca glauca.
Population biology of a mutualistic association: Yucca glauca and Tegeticula yuccasella.
Each subplot contained four traps, with one trap in each of four microhabitat types: shrub, beneath individual Atriplex canescens or Yucca glauca ([greater than or equal to]0.