Yucca filamentosa

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yucca with long stiff leaves having filamentlike appendages

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Consider Yucca filamentosa, with large spiky leaves and breath-taking panicles of white flowers in summer, or Mahonia `Charity', an evergreen with trailing, thorny leaves all year and sweet-scented racemes of yellow flowers in late winter.
For a sub- tropical effect choose the magnificent Yucca filamentosa with vicious sharp leaves but huge plumes of creamy white bells up to 1.
Pollination experiments in two Yucca filamentosa populations revealed that both pollen quantity (large/small) and quality (self/one-outcross/two-outcross donors) affected fruit retention, seed set, and seedling growth rate.
Oviposition and pollination behaviors of the moth Tegeticula yuccasella appear to have opposing effects on the probability of fruit retention in Yucca filamentosa, resulting in preferential retention of flowers with low relative egg load and high relative pollen load (Pellmyr and Huth 1994).
Yucca filamentosa produces a tall spike that opens to show off its bell-shaped white flowers, each of which can be 5cms (2ins) long.
For a sub-tropical effect choose the magnificent Yucca filamentosa, with vicious sharp leaves but huge plumes of creamy white bells up to 1.
Yucca filamentosa is one of the smaller varieties, though it can reach 5ft.
There is another form of Yucca filamentosa which is variegated, elegantly striped in lemon, cream and green.
For added impact, choose Yucca filamentosa Variegata which has eye-catching cream- and yellow-edged leaves.
I measured these three parameters for the moth that pollinates Yucca filamentosa in Ohio, a member of the taxonomically unresolved Tegeticula yuccasella complex.