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a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand

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Our results maintained similar correlations with and without control of intervening variables, which demonstrates the ability of the YoYo Rec 2 and the velocity tests to correlate with the distances covered in MI, AI, and total distance.
Yoyo, which is headquartered in Dundee, is the home of Game Maker: Studio, a mobile driven cross-platform casual game development technology that enables developers to create games using a single programming code and then publish them to run natively across most common platforms, including iOS, Android, OS X, HTML5, PlayStation, Xbox, Ubuntu, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.
YoYo Noodles delivers fresh, fast quality food - we aspire to deliver a fresh oriental fast food experience like no other.
In a separate measure, the properties with the most brand equity include Iron Man (218) Wolverine (182), Twilight's Jacob Black (185), and Hoops & Yoyo (180).
The project coincides with a focus by Birmingham City Council on letting void units in the city centre, and to promote this Selfridges and YoYo have jointly dressed the window of an empty unit at 37 Corporation Street, mirroring the window at YoYo's Ethel Street store.
99 from H&M; Tank top pounds 12 from Yoyo Jacket pounds 85 from Urban Outfitters; Belt pounds 12 Yoyo Tie pounds 2 Vintage stall at Glastonbury; Badge pounds 1 from Ebay
And what about the humble yoyo, whose history can be traced back to Ancient Greece?
Since then, another manufacturer has devised a way to mold such rings directly into yoyo bodies.
There are several brand names for this toy some of which include Water Yoyos, Tape Balls,Tape Ball Herissons and Yoyo Balls.
The Ravens' South Africa-born forward Shawn van Rensburg, 28, and team-mates engaged Yoyo, TJ and Red in play to show their support for the NCDL's special neutering scheme, which is designed to cut the number of unwanted puppies and improve the health of our four-legged friends.
Made of heavy-duty latex, brightly colored with razzle-dazzle patterns, inflate to baseball-size, add a little "magic return fluid" (nontoxic), clip with an elastic band, and go to town with all the tricks of a traditional yoyo, and more.
TWO Warwickshire advertising and design agencies have teamed up to form a new company called YOYO Creative.