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a historic village in southeastern Virginia to the north of Newport News

in 1781 the British under Cornwallis surrendered after a siege of three weeks by American and French troops

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Additionally, Yorktown NEX supported the base with a Customer Appreciation Day and a special social event, recognizing the new Chief Petty officer selectees.
At Yorktown, Navy pilots would receive advanced training, both in the classroom and in the air, in the areas of bombing, gunnery and torpedo operations.
Fleming's narrative opens with the British surrender at Yorktown and George Washington's dour but well-grounded insistence that the war could still be lost.
Rumors of a possible return to Yorktown by March began circulating in mid-2007; in December, Marsh announced it was seeking to sublease part or all of its current four-story headquarters building, a decision was seen as an austerity move by its new owners, Florida-based Sun Capital Partners, which moved to cut corporate staff and sell off some properties before embarking on its ongoing store improvement and renovation campaign.
in historic Yorktown, O'Hara and his attorney have traced the title
The Yorktown facility will conduct engineering design work and vehicle safety tests, and will create a total of 400 new jobs by 2010, of which 200 have already been filled, Toyota said.
To promote the localization of research and development aimed at strengthening Toyota's product lineup for the North American market, TMC announced in April 2005 that it would expand TTC by establishing a campus in Yorktown in addition to TTC's current campus in Ann Harbor, Michigan.
and the French had defeated the main British Army at Yorktown, and two more years would pass before hostilities were formally ended with the Treaty of Paris.
Yorktown Child and Family Centre, is a mental health agency operating in one of Toronto's most ethnically diverse communities.
He leaves his parents, Joseph and Mitzi Francis of Yorktown, VA, and a brother, Jay Francis, of Hampton, VA.
When the American War for Independence came to an end at Yorktown, the British, stunned at their defeat, stacked arms while a band played "The World Turned Upside Down.
Yorktown Heights, New York, Austrian facility (ISO/TS 16949:2002);
Joan Cavin, the 50-year-old Sheldon High School art teacher who set off June 14 on a cross-country, solo bicycle trip, rolled her wheels into the Atlantic in Yorktown, Va.
The International Maritime Officers Course, one of two all-international courses offered by the International Maritime Officers School at Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, is a ten-week program developed in response to a worldwide demand for professional maritime training for mid-grade inter-national military officers and civilians.
But an inoculated army of soldiers paid to fight was able to engage in battles that had scared off the militias--and to withstand the British attempts at biological warfare that preceded the surrender at Yorktown.