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United States baseball player (born 1925)

one who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight

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Born into Pandit Shaivism, she is considered to be a Shaivite yogini influenced by Mahayana Buddhism, and then the patron saint of the Rishi order, deeply linked with Islam.
19) According to Christopher Isherwood (1980), it is only after experiencing samadhi that a yogini knows to the very core of her being that she and God are one, and then she becomes a saint.
The Male Cutting-off lineage is traced from P'a-d'am-pa sang-gya, the founder of the Pacifier Tradition, to Kyo-ton So-nam Lama, while the Female Cutting-off lineage is traced from Kyo-ton So-nam Lama to the great female yogi, that is, yogini, Ma.
How are we to explain the parallels and convergences discussed to this point between the Mediterranean striges and the dakini and yogini traditions that informed Somadeva's "Barber's Tale"?
Kaimal (history of Asian art, Colgate University) details the history, travels, identification, and current locations of 19 sculptures from a 10th century yogini temple in Tamilnadu, South India, now on display in separate museums around the world.
His father and mother, Yogini, borrowed two million rupees, equivalent to pounds 25,000 and a massive sum of money in India, to pay for their son's postgraduate microelectronics course at Lancaster.
Anuj's mother and father, Yogini and Subhash, had travelled from India for the trial and were sat just a few feet from the man who took their son's life.
His parents, Subhash and Yogini, flew from their home in Pune, India, to attend the trial and each day listened intently to the evidence from the front row of the public gallery.
HEARTACHE: Anuj Bidve's father Subhash Bidve and mother Yogini stand by floral tributes as they visit the site where their son was shot dead on Ordsall Lane, Salford, Manchester.
Father Subhash Bidve and mother Yogini visited the scene after first going to the Salford hotel room where Anuj stayed on his visit to the city.
EMOTIONAL Anuj Bidve''s mother Yogini wipes a tear during a visit to the spot where her son, below, was shot
Mum Yogini broke down and wept as she and husband Subhash viewed flowers left at the scene.
Mr Bidve, pictured above with Anuj's mother Yogini, met with Mr Vaz for about 35 minutes after flying into the UK on Wednesday.
Anuj Bidve's father Subhash and mother Yogini retraced his final moments and visited the hotel room where he had been staying.
We thank Fred van Gessel, Terry Lindsay, Mick Todd, Greg Little, Rosalind Jessop, Clive Minton Brian Lukins, Franz Zikesch, Megan Moppett, Brent Waldron, Brian Boyle, Shannon Slade, the Game Council of New South Wales, Rodney Davis, Yogini Lele, and Lorraine Ritchie for bird sampling and laboratory assistance.