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an Old Testament book telling Joel's prophecies

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Mike said: "We did a great show in Pinar del Rio with Yoel , he had just won bronze at the Olympics in Athens and we were introduced to him.
Users of TweetDeck will no longer be able to select multiple accounts through which to perform an action such as Tweeting, Retweeting, liking, or following'' added Yoel.
The Satmar Rebbe and community heads have been asking for some time to initiate a move that will make Kiryas Yoel, which is now a central part of Monroe, into a separate city with full and separate municipal control.
Yoel parte, sobre todo, del desnudo de la figura humana en su produccion plastica-pictorica, logrando con maestria la expresion de cuerpos y rostros.
It could have been even better for Costa had he not seen a first-half penalty saved by Yoel Rodriguez.
Three years ago, and during a police interrogation, Yoel Tsur, CEO of the company that built the neighborhood admitted that the purchase process of the land was never finalized.
Israeli sources said that the Knesset members Yoel Hason and Marina Solodkin of Kadima party, Ya'akov Katz and Arye Eldad of National Union party, Yariv Levin of the ruling Likud party were touring a Jewish-occupied building in the heart of Silwan as part of an official visit to assess the Jewish occupiers' claim that they were being unfairly targeted by Israeli police monitoring illegal construction.
CDATA[ Recipients are Nahal Hareidi founder Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Anita Tucker from Gush Katif, and Brig.
But whereas Marshall and Gerrard clashed in the penalty area, Celta Vigo goalkeeper Yoel Rodriguez ran half the length of the field to push and shove midfielder Roberto Trashorras.
Richard Buck overhauled Yoel Tapia, of the Dominican Republic, on the last lap of the final to claim third with Conrad Williams, Nigel Levine and Chris Clarke.
Loyal to the traditions of Afro-Cuban rumba, the group features the talents of timbalero/vocalist Tomas Diaz and vocalist Sonyaisi Feldman, both natives of Matanzas, Cuba, who share familial ties with the legendary rumba masters Los Munequitos de Matanzas, in addition to the following bandmates: Lazaro Alfonso (congas/bata/vocals), brother of Jorge "El Nino" Alfonso and ex-member of the popular Cuban groups Irakere and Pancho Amat, among others; the Havana native Yoel del Sol (timbal/vocals), first-place winner of "Percuba 1995" (the biggest and most important percussion festival in Havana, Cuba); Puerto Rican Little Ray Romero, Jr.
Yoel Weisshaus, also of Teaneck, and Brittany Wright, of Waldwick, were appointed to the committee.
Curriculum Vitae elevates Yoel Hoffmann's penchant for mingling real and invented life to a new pitch, absorbing his entire life story into what masquerades as a novel.
Twenty years earlier Joseph had precipitously left his modern Orthodox moshav and his wife, children, and elderly father after falling in love with Rabbi Yoel Rosenzweig, a famous Torah scholar.
The whole concept of the design was inspired by an ancient Japanese etching 'Tsunami', most of the time we gave it a literal interpretation in the interiors," says Yoel Lagtapon, Momotaro's interior designer.