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Almost one in five businesses were affected by yob culture last year, at an average cost of just over pounds 20,000 for each affected business.
Jon Hancock, RSA managing director, commercial, said: "This research shows that Britain's yob culture is having a tangible and negative impact on British businesses up and down the country.
TOUGH new laws are to be brought in to tackle yob culture.
FIGHTING on Britain's racecourses has been in the news throughout the summer and, sadly, the yob culture seems to have spread to the sales.
DEALING with Britain's yob culture requires more than just imposing draconian sentences.
Until the Government acts, the yob culture will continue along with early teenage pregnancies
The chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, Liberal Democrat MP Nigel Jones, said that the yob culture that plagues so many of Britain's towns and city centres was fuelled by cheap alcohol smuggled in from Europe.
artist, Sarah Lucas, known for her acerbic meditations on yob culture, is more bewildered than angered: "Making a big deal out of [the cover] may be taking it too seriously.
But it's not a middle-class culture any more, but a yob culture, a rowdy culture" John Cleese on how England has changed "I got rid of my television.
Sadly, yob culture is continuing and living, for example, in Lower Stoke, Coventry.
CLLRS John McPartland and Pervaz Khan seem to have gained a welcome, if belated, social conscience towards fed up residents living in central Middlesbrough whose lives are now blighted by the 24-hour booze and yob culture throughout the town centre (Fastest Route Home's Past Homes, 17.
Their costume took three weeks to design and featured themes of celebrity, violence and yob culture, football and Greek gods.
A JUDGE yesterday blasted Britain's yob culture after hearing how a feral gang beat a disabled man to death for a pounds 5 bet.
DAVID Cameron yesterday called for the introduction of a form of national service to tackle yob culture in the wake of the murder of Garry Newlove.
Discipline at the source would also help eradicate the yob culture that is plaguing our society.