Yenisei River

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a Russian river in Siberia

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History: The city was founded on August 19, 1628, as a Russian border fort when a group of service class people from Yeniseysk, led by Andrey Dubenskoy, arrived at the confluence of the Kacha and Yenisei rivers and constructed fortifications intended to protect the frontier from attacks by native people who lived along Yenisei and its tributaries.
The plant's dam, a towering structure that stretches more than half a mile across the Yenisei River, was not damaged.
The Sayano-Shushinskaya power station on the Yenisei River in Siberia came to a halt yesterday after a pipe ruptured, flooding a turbine house.
The natural resources ministry said it was concerned by the environmental impact of the accident, saying an oil slick of more than 25km had spread along the Yenisei River.
The damaged pump room, about 100 metres long, is located high in a concrete wall that has dammed the waters of the Yenisei River since 1978.
2004) with European moose (Alces alces alces) inhabiting Europe, Altai, and western Siberia up to the Yenisei River (Danilkin 1999).
The Minusinsk Basin includes the middle valley of the Yenisei River and the upper valley of the river Chulym (Figures 1 & 2).
Spiders (Aranei) of the Yenisei River middle flow and environs of "Mirnoye" field station.
Located on the Yenisei river, the 800-foot high dam and hydroelectric station generates power for Russia's Khakassia republic, a region spanning 3,000 miles across south-central Siberia.
The factory was located on the bank of Abakan channel not far from the Yenisei River.
For a number of reasons, the Kirghiz remained in their homeland in the region of the upper Yenisei River of south Siberia.
Aquatic plants in the Yenisei River have been found to be contaminated with industrial radionucleotides, and rivers near Seversk, Siberia (where two nuclear reactors still operate), are reported to contain fish contaminated with radioactivity 20 times the "safe" level.