Baptisia australis

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wild indigo of the eastern United States having racemes of blue flowers

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a yellow broom bush by the tracks no longer calms Small i down nor
Jim Brady found a good showing of yellow broom at Rainford, some over 9ft tall, while at Rainhill he saw wild strawberry, purple foxglove and ground elder blooming.
Thus: The car was blown along the High Road Broom Broom Broom The Yellow Broom.
At the tunnel end there is a wildlife site where you may find a plant called planta genista, a yellow broom flower which Count Geoffrey of Anjou, the father of King Henry II, took to wearing in his hat or helmet.
The setting is stunning: lilac oleander, yellow broom and scarlet poppies adding a vivid, almost artist's palette effect, against a dusky olive background.
One of our critics extolled the beauty of wild lilac (Ceanothus) blooming along the roadside, companioned by yellow broom.