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the capital and largest city of Japan

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Yeddo spruce, Manchurian fir, Siberian spruce, Manchurian linden, Mongolian oak;
The zone with a monsoon climate coincides with the area of distribution of the two main tree species of the Far Eastern Taiga, the yeddo spruce (Picea jezoensis) and the Siberian white fir (Abies nephroplepsis).
142) and a few pages later he describes the inhabitants of Yeddo as 'sentant l'huile de camelia rancie, la bete fauve, la race jaune' (p.
Similar mixed forests in the Far East consist of yeddo spruce (P.
Yeddoensis], Yeddo euonymus, 1865 (KN:40, 93; FFJ:26; Rehder 1905c) AA1884; 2nd trip seed.