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a special anniversary (or the celebration of it)

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The year of Jubilee is very interesting theologically.
Isaiah was describing a Year of Jubilee, a Year of the Lord--and Jesus described his entire ministry as a time of Jubilee in the tradition of Leviticus 25.
Roland de Vaux states quite bluntly that the year of jubilee "was a utopian law and it remained a dead letter".
The Year of Jubilee signifies Jamaica's 50 years of independence and will be marked by celebrations all across the island.
Helen O'Sullivan, president of the Maryknoll Sisters, said, "In this year of Jubilee, as declared by Pope John Paul II, with an emphasis on achieving right relationships, the Maryknoll Sisters support Archbishop Fernando Saenz's request for the release of the two remaining soldiers convicted and imprisoned for killing" the three sisters and the lay worker.
Quebec, blew in the Year of Jubilee on January 2 in a traditional way.
Both Martin and Bill areChri stians and both are familiar with the Biblical idea of a Year of Jubilee when debts are cancelled (Leviticus 25: 8-55).
Likewise, in the year of jubilee, which is a kind of intensified sabbatical, "you shall not sow.
In this Year of Jubilee, there is no better gift for the people of Asia than the knowledge and encouragement they need to defend faith, life and family in their continent," concluded Father Habiger.
The original owners of land will have it returned to them in the year of Jubilee.