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member of an international gang of Jamaican criminals who sell drugs and violence

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From their stronghold in the Midlands and London, the Yardies were the boys to tout cocaine and crack - and they headed north.
Then the Yardies brought in crack, which is cocaine processed to remove impurities.
Women are routinely used by Yardies as drug mules, smuggling packages in their stomachs in return for their flight to Britain.
YARDIE gangs have brought a previously unseen level of mob violence to Britain.
Nunes was part of their set- up but somewhere along the line he lost the trust of the local Yardies and they took their revenge.
Yardies mainly work independently in Scotland but also sell into a network of pushers commanded by established Scots drugs barons.
YARDIES take their name for the West Indian slang for home.
Known for their ruthless nature and penchant for flash jewellery the Yardies are said to be the originators of 'disorganised crime' with people being shot for seemingly petty reasons.
Police there have set up Operation Ventara to target black on black crime and shootings and it is estimated there are now around two to three dozen Yardies operating in Birmingham.
The Yardies have become an international crime syndicate, shuttling between Kingston, New York and London.
Most Yardies arrive on short-term visas and simply stay, or beat immigration checks with false passports or other identification.
In May 2001, officers in the Midlands city found thousands of pounds in Scottish bank notes in a raid on the Yardies.
Many of the Yardies fled justice in the 1980s, bringing their reign of terror to Brixton and Notting Hill in London.
But if convicted and deported, Yardies can easily return to Britain using false passports.
Britain's casualty wards have see a lot more GSWs - Gunshot Wounds - since the Yardies first emerged in Britain around 1984.