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either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship

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Several crew members already happily perched along the highest yardarm, leaning on top of the rolled sail as casually as they would on their garden fence to chat.
Standing on the quarter deck, Harriet watched the pirates run out along the yardarms to quickly furl the sails and then stand waiting as the yacht began to lose way.
Candidates will perform a range of duties from taking the helm to climbing yardarms 120ft above the sea.
We climb the rigging and then up and over the yardarms before learning to stow the sails 100ft above the deck.
In fact, Les, a retired builder from Surrey, confessed he had to make himself climb the masts and go out on the yardarms just to prove to himself that he could do it.
Visitors can even see members of the museum's model guild carefully carving tiny pieces of wood into cannons, masts and yardarms at one-sixty-fourth or one-forty-eighth actual size.
Americans were up to their yardarms in that exploitation.
Inside the shop, yardarms and masts are hand-formed as if the past two centuries suddenly rolled away.
Once, a Polish warship was left behind a convoy to sink a U-boat and, later having caught up, steamed through the fleet with dead German submariners hanging from the yardarms.