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Synonyms for yam

edible tuber of any of several yams

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sweet potato with deep orange flesh that remains moist when baked

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edible tuberous root of various yam plants of the genus Dioscorea grown in the tropics world-wide for food

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Yet with unpredictable weather, soil-borne diseases, high labour costs and competition from other crop varieties, many yam farmers are facing difficulties.
Variability in biochemical composition and cell wall constituents of yams grown in the same environment with the same quantity, quality and duration of light, temperature and carbon (IV) oxide concentration can be attributed to differences in genetic constituents of the yam varieties.
n] = v - (v x t)t is the normal component of the yam velocity (t is the unit tangent vector to the yarn at the given point).
4 sips of wine, 3 pearl onions, 2 candied yams, and a turkey drumstick soaked in gravy
1 large orange, peel grated and then juice squeezed into yam mixture
In the Caribbean there's not just one type of yam - a relation of the potato - there's cocoa-yams, yellow yams and all sorts.
You might be forgiven for spotting the amusing connotations behind the name Yam Yams and expect the flimsy gimmickry employed by many hopeful unsigned bands.
Lesser yam, which originates from Thailand and Vietnam, has a strong viscosity and good taste.
As it turns out, yams aren't especially tasty to people--it is the sweet potato that graces our holiday tables.
Kapell GmbH, has introduced Trol high-temperature polyolefin fibers and yams in the U.
The police have seized nearly 10,000 pounds of marijuana -- which traffickers attempted to disguise as yams for export -- at Kingston's container port, being readied for shipping to the U.
In the 1980s when quarantine regulations were introduced prohibiting the movement of foodstuffs between Papua and the islands, Yam Islanders stressed that the esteemed bush foods of taro, yams and bananas had always been crucially important exchange items, and had sustained them for generations.
Bruce's Brand Yams (sweet potatoes) is the Number 1 selling brand of yams in the U.
The dance was not edited down to a convenient length for novelty or entertainment's sake but danced at its full length (how big would you want the yams to grow?