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a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians living in southern Alaska

the Na-Dene language spoken by the Tlingit

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Physical measurements and chemical composition analyses were conducted for 2 groups of whole scallops from Yakutat (weak and standard) and 2 groups of scallop adductor muscles from Kodiak (Kodiak 1 and Kodiak 2).
The criteria for patch definition were determined by using the 80th percentile of values from acoustic backscatter data measured aboard the FV Sea Storm during a NMFS GOA trawl survey in 2005 in the same Yakutat area.
Many of these problems are manifest in aerial surveys of moose (Alces alces gigas) in temperate rainforests on the Yakutat Foreland of southeast Alaska, USA where snow conditions that facilitate detecting moose can be intermittent, weather conditions for flying are frequently poor, and forest cover is dense and widespread.
Oehlers, Yakutat Ranger District, Tongass National Forest, 712 Ocean Cape Drive, Yakutat, Alaska 99689, USA--e-mail: soehlers@fs.
1) results from crustal stress being transferred from the Yakutat collisional zone to reactivate shallow thrust faults within the foreland fold and thrust belt of the Mackenzie Mountains (Mazzotti ct al.
Based in the unlikely venue of Yakutat, Alaska, where the company's president, Perry Koehne, makes his home, Wycom Systems was founded in the early 1980s and made its mark by automating the cut-and-sign check process credit unions were using back then.
Thus the diaries and drawings that Malaspina and his crew kept of their first encounters with indigenous peoples in Patagonia, Chiloe, Vancouver Island's Nootka Sound, Alaska's Yakutat Bay, and the Tongan Island of Vava'u, where later Western contacts permanently deformed local culture, are key anthropological documents.
The entire top of one seamount, Kukenthal Peak, is denuded, Waller said, and on another, Yakutat Seamount, "the number of live corals documented on the plateau was negligible," the scientists wrote.
Huntington and others provide a good introduction to tourism in three Alaskan rural communities: Anaktuvuk Pass, Kotzebue, and Yakutat.
IT WAS SPRING OF 2004, and a steady rain was falling in the dense coastal forest near Yakutat, Alaska.
With tremendous help from the Alaska Native community led by Michelle Meyer of Anchorage and Ray Sensmeier of Yakutat, over 27,000 signatures were gathered to place the CSBI on the 2006 ballot.
The first of these "watches" came on day two, as we motored ever so slowly into Yakutat Bay and approached the mighty Hubbard Glacier.
During June 2004, short (40-cm) sediment multicores were collected aboard the R/V Alpha Helix in Yakutat and Disenchantment Bay as part of a program to understand fjord processes.
Only Yakutat, Alaska, reached a new all-time maximum temperature on Aug.
From Yakutat Bay on the north to the mouth of the Nass River and Portland Inlet at the Canadian border, the Tlingit celebrated Raven's achievements as a trickster and changer who reorganized the landscape.