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a sharply directional antenna


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The MIMO Yagi antenna is a high gain, dual polarized antenna, designed to provide point-to-point, field area, and point-to-multipoint connectivity over long distances and in harsh conditions.
So the beginning of Yagi antenna design is without matching director.
The Yagi antenna can be used for transmitting or receiving radio signals.
For comparing the performance of the traditional Yagi-Uda and the proposed bidirectional antenna, we build an optimum Yagi-Uda antenna with four directors and a bidirectional Yagi antenna with eight directors.
In the RD mode, a reference microstrip Yagi antenna [13] is displayed here, whose center strip and parasitic strips are on the same floor, that is [L.
3 gives another example of three Yagi antennas and two patch antennas mounted on a MIG29 plane.
Permanent stations are powered by a solar panel and car battery, and the data are transmitted to a base station by a Yagi antenna.
directive short wave or Yagi antenna (recognized in 1995), Mount Fuji radar system (2000), Tokaido Shinkansen or bullet train (2000), Seiko's electronic quartz wristwatch (2004) and Sharp's electronic calculator (2005).
The subscriber premise radio-external (SPR-EXT) unit is externally mounted and uses a Yagi antenna, which is about five feet long.
I connect it alternately through an FM yagi antenna mounted in my attic and to cable.
It was outfitted with storage cabinets for spare parts, complete Bristol Babcock 3330 and 3305 operating RTUs, a spare Yagi antenna, an MDS digital radio, and a 300-watt power inverter.
After construction in the fall/winter of 2000, we tested the accuracy of the system in the fall/winter of 2001 and compared tower accuracy with a hand-held 3-element Yagi antenna.
The agency's 35-year-old radar is the second to receive an "IEEE milestone" plaque from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), following one given to the Yagi antenna five years ago.
This system is a complete wireless bridge solution that includes a WavePOINT II point-to-point bridge, wireless PC networking card, cable assembly, lightning protector, Yagi antenna and all the required software.